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Verve Studios Honest Improv Chris Redish

• Experience the fundamentals of comedy, and apply them to your improvised scenes
• Feel when the audience is responding, and learn how to build on their response
• Make improvised scenes that are funny and interesting

Each week we will play with one or two specific techniques designed to up your improv game. This will be a fun, practical class with lots of opportunity to perform scenes and play improvisational games.

The class will help you to find the comedy in the scene or game, whether you are performing in an improv show, or using improvisation on camera or in an audition. It will also be very useful to comedy screenwriters and playwrights.

The techniques we will explore are helpful to adventurous beginners and experienced improvisers alike.

Classes are typically offered once per year.

Level 1
2020 TBA

Level 2 #

Verve Studios Chris Redish Improv Class
The instructor: Chris Redish joined the Oxymoron'z improv troupe in Scottsdale 21 years ago, where he studied with Louis Anthony Russo for 5 years, performing and directing weekly shows. From there, he continued with the Jester'z, then Beyond the Red Couch and now performs with Zenprov in Sedona. Chris is also a film director, currently in post-production for his first feature, who has directed such notable actors as Tony Curtis (Some Like It Hot), Robert Picardo (Star Trek:Voyager), Charles Baker (Breaking Bad), Krista Allen (Significant Mother), Liz Sheridan (Seinfeld) and Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon).

* +$25 one-time registration fee for new students