Film:   "Eleven, Eleven" (CHRIS REDISH, JENNIFER PFALZGRAFF, MALLORY ADAMS) continues its film festival run; including the SEDONA FILM FESTIVAL. Follow them online! SAMANTHA KADE is in "Invisible," and "Tender Matches," both selections of the Worldwide Women's Film Festival in February. ZOE YEOMAN is in "M.E.C.C.A," a short film. PHUONG NGUYEN KUBACKI is in "Duel on the Mound," now available on Amazon Prime. "Soulless" (KELLY NICOLE) is playing at the Worldwide Women's Film Festival also. KELLY NICOLE was in "The Devil's Pit," now availble on YouTube. MICHELLE Y. ALLEN is AD/UPM for "The Dark Side of Opulent II."

TV/VO:  ASHLYN HALL booked a BTCD anti-vaping PSA.

Theatre:   WILL HIGHTOWER is in "Cash on Delivery" at Hale Theatre. KELLY NICOLE is Bianca in "Taming of the Shrew" and Audrey in "As You Like It" at Southwest Shakespeare. KATHERINE LYNCH is in "Shrek." SHELLY BOUCHER is in "Eric and Elliot" at Childsplay. ETHAN DREW and ISABELLA BARONE are in "Urinetown" at Greasepaint Youth Theatre." ALI GIORDANO and NOAH LANOUETTE were in "Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson" at Spotlight Youth Theatre.

Congrats:  ETHAN DREW signed with an agent in LA. BRADY WEBER signed with an agent in Seattle. REBEKAH PATTON moved to New Mexico and is signed there.

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